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SF Street Food Festival

The 4th Annual SF Street Food Fest was yesterday in the Mission. It is a tasty fundraiser for La Cocina. Nicasio and I had a great time last year. This year I went on my own, sent to represent Nicasio and the several other friends who could not make it for various reasons.

My strategy is to try new places, that I don’t normally have access to. So while I know there were booths representing some delicious favorites that now have storefronts, or regular pop-ups (Wise Sons Deli, Hapa Ramen) I skipped them to explore new tastes from places that are just getting started.

I present images of the booths and the food the came out of it in the order it was consumed!

Hey kids, here’s what you missed!

Empanadas: 1 with black beans, corn, salsa, etc. and 1 with banana and chocolate.

Slow-roasted pork banh mi and root slaw.

So having had eaten more than a complete lunch at this point I am full. But I know it is my duty to press on!

Chicken mole on a croissant.

Strawberry basil lemonade and jambalaya!

I was very full at this point but I wanted a sweet and I thought some coffee help it all go down. Blue Bottle to the rescue! Here’s my exception to skipping the foods I can get anytime. Blue Bottle coffee is the best!

Saffron snickerdoodle and a hand-drip coffee.

Finally I got a treat to go. I forgot to take a picture of her cart, but this comes from Yvonne’s Southern Sweets. I had it for breakfast this morning.

Individual-sized sweet potato pie.

I ate way to much and felt like I could just use my giant belly to roll myself home, but I think I did my duty for everyone I was representing. Plus it was tasty.

See you next year SF Street Food Festival!

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Speakeasy Ride

Despite my intentions my bicycling has been minimal this summer. Summer in SF, especially on the westside where I live, is notoriously cold and foggy. This year has been no different, and I have been having a really hard time convincing myself I should go out on a bike ride when all I can see out the window is dreariness. For the most part, if I could just get out the door I would have a good time. Although sometimes is can be windy or drizzly as well.

On Friday the SF Bicycle Coalition put together the first of three Love Your Lanes group rides to celebrate the new bike lanes built in the last year. This one was to Speakeasy Brewery in the oft forgotten southeast corner of the city. I love Speakeasy and have fond memories of going there on Friday afternoons when I worked in the Bayview several years ago. I decided I should probably jump back into riding with this event. It was a bit daunting since I would first have to ride about 5 miles to downtown to meet the group, and additionally I would have to make the 9 mile ride back home across the city alone and in on streets I was not familiar with cycling on. But I got out the door – obviously, or I wouldn’t be making this blog post.

It was foggy in my neighborhood, but I was happy to find sun on the east side. I made it!

I didn’t take any pictures of the group or the mass of bicycles locked up around the outside but here are a couple of the brewery.

I was hoping to find someone to ride home with and ended up making friends with a girl from the west side who was probably the one person to know less about cycling in SF than myself. She moved to the city from Rochester 6 months ago. She asked if she could follow me home so suddenly I was the leader of a journey I had never made. Still I was glad to have someone to ride back with.

The sun was setting when we left and it took about an hour to ride home, so it was also the longest night time ride I have ever taken. Anyway, fun thing about the east side: you can see sunsets there. Here is the view looking west and east from the same spot on the bridge over Islais Creek.

My total ride was just over 16 miles! When I got home I pretty much just passed out. I didn’t feel great, and thought I should probably eat something or drink more water but I didn’t feel hungry and all I could do was sleep. I think I overdid it a bit since I didn’t sleep well, and I wasn’t really back to 100% until Saturday afternoon. But I’m glad I went on the ride and I know I need to ride more often to be able to pedal across the city without having to pass out when I get home.

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