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There were a couple fires this week.

On Wednesday I was working in an office in Embarcadero Center. I was walking by a window and looked out and saw black smoke billowing across the landscape. Pier 29 was on fire!

Cropped view.

This ended up being a 4-alarm fire. Awhile after this picture the facade turned black and crumbled off the building.

Then, yesterday afternoon I was at home and I heard a fire truck, and then I heard several fire trucks coming from several directions and getting louder. It’s kind of freaky to hear several fire tucks heading toward you. They stopped in front of the laundromat two doors down.

Here is the view from my window. The fireman are gathered behind the tree.

I was actually supposed to be doing laundry at the time, but had shunned my responsibilities since I had a pretty awful headache.  When I went to do my laundry this morning, I found where the fire had been.

I also found this beat-up quarter in the laundromat. Possibly fire-related.

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