My birthday was last Wednesday (June 13). I didn’t feel like putting a party together – my apartment is small, and the weather is unreliable for picnicking. I did go out to dinner twice though, and I have a couple more birthday dinners coming this week. This will be known as the birthday of many dinners.

I went to Delfina on Tuesday night with my dad. We parked up on the hill between the Mission and the Castro. Here is the spectacular view of downtown SF from Dolores Park.

We went to Bi-Rite Creamery after and had some Salted Caramel ice cream. I am trying to use the word “delicious” less, but so many things in my life are!

Adrienne came up from Los Gatos on Wednesday to go to sushi with me. It was a really great birthday dinner!


Tempura. The Kamoizumi (Autumn Elixer) sake in the background was a surprise hit.

Dragon roll and Rainbow roll.

In progress.

This owl reminded me of Tallulah.

See the resemblance?

Nicasio had the local Port Angeles meat shop send me smoked salmon and salmon jerky for my birthday! The smoked salmon is very tasty.

Smoked salmon in action!

I had to trek to UPS to pick it up, but at least I got it. Apparently Nicasio also send me a USPS Priority mail package that was supposed to arrive by last Wednesday, but I have seen no sign of it. 😦  I’m pretty sad that my personalized birthday package might be lost forever.


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2 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. K

    I like that you had so many birthday meals and I’m glad your life is full of deliciousness! (I only wish you weren’t posting pics of delicious [!] sushi while I’m stuck with yogurt and pb toast for breakfast this morning- which seemed good until I saw your photos!)

  2. You have a blog! How have I never discovered this until now? I agree, the owl does look like Tallulah..

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