May 28 – June 3

Well, I did a decent amount of bicycling this week because of the Long Shutdown, as the SF MTA has ominously named it. The N Judah train has been on hiatus for the last 10 days (replaced by buses) so they could replace some of the track. I decided to take this opportunity to ride my bike to work the three days I worked this week. With the additional bike commute I rode 50 miles this week. I was still exhausted when I got home two of the three days, so clearly I need to keep riding regularly and hopefully it will get easier.

I’ve been parking my bike downtown in the BART bicycle cage, which apparently used to be the pay phone bank.

Friday I went to the Ferry Building for lunch and sat outside since it was such a nice day.

On Saturday I went to my regular film archiving group. We’ve been working with 16mm, and it is so much easier to see the images during inspection than it has been with 8mm. I can actually get a decent image of the frames with my iphone camera. I worked on a two black and white reels from 1930. The second one had a whole section of a family working on a bicycle together. It was pretty great.

The 16mm reels have all had neat designs unlike the 8mm reels. The second one I worked on had a heart pattern. And the guideline about reels is: “if you can core it, you can keep it”. So – I put the film on a core for long term storage, and here is the reel. I think the pattern is more stiking when there is film on it though.

After archiving I went to a free book extravaganza across the street from my apartment and picked up these titles.

And I rounded out the day by going to see a new print screening of Grand Illusion at the Castro. Definitely one of my favorite films of all time.

Pretty good day!

Oh, and I’ve already finished a knitting project. A cowl. Alpaca wool. So soft.

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One thought on “May 28 – June 3

  1. K

    This is fun. Thanks Kristin! I don’t ride, I don’t knit, I don’t make films work. I like to go to movies though!

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