Summer 2012 – a blog

I was inspired by (and jealous of) Nicasio’s blog, Nicasio: Cook/Bike/Click so I decided to create my own summer blog.

I have lots of free time this summer since I’m out of school, I’m only working part time and the bf, Nicasio, is away. I’d like to use the time to get better at bicycling and explore the city, and to develop my film archiving skills. I think this blog will keep me motivated and allow me to record my experiences.

So here it is. Film/Bike/City. A companion blog to Cook/Bike/Click. Ugh, it’s painfully adorable for us to have parallel summer blogs isn’t it?

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4 thoughts on “Summer 2012 – a blog

  1. Laura

    You can also spend your summer visiting ex-roommates and their crummy fiance….

  2. wayne cook

    Wow !! How cool are you !!! This is great for us rainy day “shut ins” up here in Crescent City. I’m really proud of you Kristin…. and love your Blog!!! Keep it up !!

  3. wayne cook

    Almost forgot. The 16mm is neat also. I like your home office. Wish i lived closer now..that cornbread is making my stomach growl Looking forward to more !!

  4. Grandma

    You are one busy (and ambitious) woman! I love your new blog. Enjoyed it immensely. Good job!

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