SF Street Food Festival

The 4th Annual SF Street Food Fest was yesterday in the Mission. It is a tasty fundraiser for La Cocina. Nicasio and I had a great time last year. This year I went on my own, sent to represent Nicasio and the several other friends who could not make it for various reasons.

My strategy is to try new places, that I don’t normally have access to. So while I know there were booths representing some delicious favorites that now have storefronts, or regular pop-ups (Wise Sons Deli, Hapa Ramen) I skipped them to explore new tastes from places that are just getting started.

I present images of the booths and the food the came out of it in the order it was consumed!

Hey kids, here’s what you missed!

Empanadas: 1 with black beans, corn, salsa, etc. and 1 with banana and chocolate.

Slow-roasted pork banh mi and root slaw.

So having had eaten more than a complete lunch at this point I am full. But I know it is my duty to press on!

Chicken mole on a croissant.

Strawberry basil lemonade and jambalaya!

I was very full at this point but I wanted a sweet and I thought some coffee help it all go down. Blue Bottle to the rescue! Here’s my exception to skipping the foods I can get anytime. Blue Bottle coffee is the best!

Saffron snickerdoodle and a hand-drip coffee.

Finally I got a treat to go. I forgot to take a picture of her cart, but this comes from Yvonne’s Southern Sweets. I had it for breakfast this morning.

Individual-sized sweet potato pie.

I ate way to much and felt like I could just use my giant belly to roll myself home, but I think I did my duty for everyone I was representing. Plus it was tasty.

See you next year SF Street Food Festival!

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Speakeasy Ride

Despite my intentions my bicycling has been minimal this summer. Summer in SF, especially on the westside where I live, is notoriously cold and foggy. This year has been no different, and I have been having a really hard time convincing myself I should go out on a bike ride when all I can see out the window is dreariness. For the most part, if I could just get out the door I would have a good time. Although sometimes is can be windy or drizzly as well.

On Friday the SF Bicycle Coalition put together the first of three Love Your Lanes group rides to celebrate the new bike lanes built in the last year. This one was to Speakeasy Brewery in the oft forgotten southeast corner of the city. I love Speakeasy and have fond memories of going there on Friday afternoons when I worked in the Bayview several years ago. I decided I should probably jump back into riding with this event. It was a bit daunting since I would first have to ride about 5 miles to downtown to meet the group, and additionally I would have to make the 9 mile ride back home across the city alone and in on streets I was not familiar with cycling on. But I got out the door – obviously, or I wouldn’t be making this blog post.

It was foggy in my neighborhood, but I was happy to find sun on the east side. I made it!

I didn’t take any pictures of the group or the mass of bicycles locked up around the outside but here are a couple of the brewery.

I was hoping to find someone to ride home with and ended up making friends with a girl from the west side who was probably the one person to know less about cycling in SF than myself. She moved to the city from Rochester 6 months ago. She asked if she could follow me home so suddenly I was the leader of a journey I had never made. Still I was glad to have someone to ride back with.

The sun was setting when we left and it took about an hour to ride home, so it was also the longest night time ride I have ever taken. Anyway, fun thing about the east side: you can see sunsets there. Here is the view looking west and east from the same spot on the bridge over Islais Creek.

My total ride was just over 16 miles! When I got home I pretty much just passed out. I didn’t feel great, and thought I should probably eat something or drink more water but I didn’t feel hungry and all I could do was sleep. I think I overdid it a bit since I didn’t sleep well, and I wasn’t really back to 100% until Saturday afternoon. But I’m glad I went on the ride and I know I need to ride more often to be able to pedal across the city without having to pass out when I get home.

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I’m on day 14 of a 28 day plant-strong diet. I’m eating no animal products, only whole grains, no oil, and no added sugars. Check out the documentary Forks Over Knives for the research and ideas on the benefits of this kind of diet.

The oil and sugar restrictions mean I am unable to eat most processed or packaged foods or go to a restaurant  so I’ve been preparing every meal at home with fresh produce, beans, whole grains, and spices. It has been a real change from the way I eat at the end of the semester when things get busy and I have no time to plan and prepare meals. Then I start to rationalize using my loan money to eat out often because it’s a grad school expense. I thought this summer would be  a good opportunity to experiment with a different diet  since I have the time, and Nicasio is out of town so he can’t complain!

The things I eat look like this:


It feels good to know that pretty much everything I am putting into my body is beneficial. I think the main take-away of this is experience is that I need to eat a variety of vegetables and fruits so that they can work together to provide essential nutrients. It’s easy for me to get into a rut and  just always put avocado and salsa on beans and rice, for example. But I realized that once you start to take control and get creative you can also add bell peppers, jicama, corn, etc to increase the portion and variety of veggies in the meal. And there is more than one produce market within three blocks so I have no excuse for not having the vegetables.

In the future, I think I will also seek out whole grains more often, and use them at home when I can. Going into this, I was already a hot cereal enthusiast so breakfasts have been pretty tasty with the hot whole grain cereals I have in rotation topped with fruit and nuts. I also have a couple cold cereals that don’t have added sugar.

The “no oil” aspect is certainly not going to stick with me since I do want to be able to eat at restaurants again. I haven’t even been able to cut it out entirely for 28 days. I bought a pre-made enchilada sauce that had oil in it, an oily veggie burger (on accident), and whole wheat pizza dough. It has been informative to see how pervasive oil is and start to have an awareness of it to limit my oil consumption. The main problem with oil is that it is such a high fat food that has had all the nutritious parts of the plant removed. And oh man, it’s in everything!

I have had a mental fixation on pizza lately. And pancakes. I keep imagining a steaming hot pizza made with refined flour crust and covered with melty dairy-tastic cheese. And a plate of fluffy,  sugary, buttermilky pancakes from the restaurant ONE BLOCK FROM MY APARTMENT that makes the best pancakes ever. I guess I know where I’ll be on Day 29…

Oh, and I have to admit to my failures on Day 9 when I was not able to steel myself against homemade Montreal bagels and maple cake at a Canada Day party. I mean look:


There was even Moosehead.

I have no regrets!! The bagels were spectacular by the way. Thank you Antonella! I’d like to try my own hand at making them at the end of this thing.

Anyway, that’s what I’m doing these days to try to be a bit healthier. I’m also washing lots and lots of dishes. Oh man. So many dishes.

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There were a couple fires this week.

On Wednesday I was working in an office in Embarcadero Center. I was walking by a window and looked out and saw black smoke billowing across the landscape. Pier 29 was on fire!

Cropped view.

This ended up being a 4-alarm fire. Awhile after this picture the facade turned black and crumbled off the building.

Then, yesterday afternoon I was at home and I heard a fire truck, and then I heard several fire trucks coming from several directions and getting louder. It’s kind of freaky to hear several fire tucks heading toward you. They stopped in front of the laundromat two doors down.

Here is the view from my window. The fireman are gathered behind the tree.

I was actually supposed to be doing laundry at the time, but had shunned my responsibilities since I had a pretty awful headache.  When I went to do my laundry this morning, I found where the fire had been.

I also found this beat-up quarter in the laundromat. Possibly fire-related.

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My birthday was last Wednesday (June 13). I didn’t feel like putting a party together – my apartment is small, and the weather is unreliable for picnicking. I did go out to dinner twice though, and I have a couple more birthday dinners coming this week. This will be known as the birthday of many dinners.

I went to Delfina on Tuesday night with my dad. We parked up on the hill between the Mission and the Castro. Here is the spectacular view of downtown SF from Dolores Park.

We went to Bi-Rite Creamery after and had some Salted Caramel ice cream. I am trying to use the word “delicious” less, but so many things in my life are!

Adrienne came up from Los Gatos on Wednesday to go to sushi with me. It was a really great birthday dinner!


Tempura. The Kamoizumi (Autumn Elixer) sake in the background was a surprise hit.

Dragon roll and Rainbow roll.

In progress.

This owl reminded me of Tallulah.

See the resemblance?

Nicasio had the local Port Angeles meat shop send me smoked salmon and salmon jerky for my birthday! The smoked salmon is very tasty.

Smoked salmon in action!

I had to trek to UPS to pick it up, but at least I got it. Apparently Nicasio also send me a USPS Priority mail package that was supposed to arrive by last Wednesday, but I have seen no sign of it. 😦  I’m pretty sad that my personalized birthday package might be lost forever.


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Ferry Building office (and mild discontent)

Yikes, I meant to update this blog more often with exciting adventures, but I have not been feeling it lately . This week I began to realize that I had much less time than I originally anticipated to do all the bike riding, extra-curricular learning, and projects that I planned for the summer, and it started to bum me out. I know it is only mid-June but I feel like I should have done more by now…  It turns out it just felt like I had lots of time because I had been constantly  busy with school, and work before. Really, I only have a couple days off work a week, and it turns out it takes more time when you’re on your own to make food, keep the cat alive, and maintain the apartment. And I’m going to be working full time again for the next couple of weeks to cover for someone.  Anyway I think I am over resenting the absence of new blog posts as evidence of my lack of accomplishments and I am ready to post again. I’m going to try to fit in amazing adventures when I can, but I shouldn’t be pressuring myself to do more. Vacation should be fun!

So here’s what I got:

I filled in for someone last week and worked at a law firm on the second floor of the Ferry Building overlooking the marketplace. [See the last post for an external picture of the Ferry Building] It’s a really neat place so I thought I’d post some pictures. You really have to steel yourself against the temptation of delicious smells wafting in from the shops and restaurants below if you want to get any work done. When I was there the smells would alternate between cinnamon bread, and bacon. And it’s really nice to work in an office with skylights.

Looking down at the market from the bridge connecting either side of the office.

Spying on cupcakes.

View of the Bay Bridge outside the bay side of the building.


And here is a random neat photo from my apartment window of the fog obscuring Sutro tower on the hill behind UCSF.

I intend to do a post on the Cactus and Succulent Fair once I wrestle with the dozens of photos I took of awesome plants. Also maybe a birthday post. Stay tuned.

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May 28 – June 3

Well, I did a decent amount of bicycling this week because of the Long Shutdown, as the SF MTA has ominously named it. The N Judah train has been on hiatus for the last 10 days (replaced by buses) so they could replace some of the track. I decided to take this opportunity to ride my bike to work the three days I worked this week. With the additional bike commute I rode 50 miles this week. I was still exhausted when I got home two of the three days, so clearly I need to keep riding regularly and hopefully it will get easier.

I’ve been parking my bike downtown in the BART bicycle cage, which apparently used to be the pay phone bank.

Friday I went to the Ferry Building for lunch and sat outside since it was such a nice day.

On Saturday I went to my regular film archiving group. We’ve been working with 16mm, and it is so much easier to see the images during inspection than it has been with 8mm. I can actually get a decent image of the frames with my iphone camera. I worked on a two black and white reels from 1930. The second one had a whole section of a family working on a bicycle together. It was pretty great.

The 16mm reels have all had neat designs unlike the 8mm reels. The second one I worked on had a heart pattern. And the guideline about reels is: “if you can core it, you can keep it”. So – I put the film on a core for long term storage, and here is the reel. I think the pattern is more stiking when there is film on it though.

After archiving I went to a free book extravaganza across the street from my apartment and picked up these titles.

And I rounded out the day by going to see a new print screening of Grand Illusion at the Castro. Definitely one of my favorite films of all time.

Pretty good day!

Oh, and I’ve already finished a knitting project. A cowl. Alpaca wool. So soft.

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Memorial Day

I took a bike ride down to the beach yesterday. I thought I should go out, but I didn’t really feel like going on a long ride. The ride to the beach and back is the old standard, it’s about 10 miles.

Here are some examples of why they close the Great Hwy when it is windy.

I wanted to get a delicious breakfast sandwich but Devil’s Teeth was closed for Memorial Day. As I was riding around looking for something to eat I discovered these Playland ghosts.

Later, for dinner I made some delicious veggie chili and cornbread.


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Action Camera ride

On Thursday I got off work early and decided to ride down to Action Camera to check it out and to pick up some film splicing tape to repair some Super 8 film from my own family’s collection.

I got some 16mm splicing tape and a loupe. I decided to continue on down to the beach and come back home through the park.

Here is a map of my route. The gap is from me forgetting to turn the tracker back on when I left Action Camera. :p

When I got to the Great Highway is was closed to traffic because the wind was blowing sand all over the road.

I started riding on the road and quickly realized the wind was much worse than I thought. It was hard to move forward on my bike. I had to turn my front wheel to the left to go straight and the wind kept blowing me off the path. I got sand in my ear and mouth. It was pretty rough but certainly an exciting and unexpected ride. Once I got off the ocean path and back into the park it was much easier going. Here is a view of the choppy ocean.

Oh and I’ve set up a mini film inspection station at home. What I really need now are some rewinds.

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Summer 2012 – a blog

I was inspired by (and jealous of) Nicasio’s blog, Nicasio: Cook/Bike/Click so I decided to create my own summer blog.

I have lots of free time this summer since I’m out of school, I’m only working part time and the bf, Nicasio, is away. I’d like to use the time to get better at bicycling and explore the city, and to develop my film archiving skills. I think this blog will keep me motivated and allow me to record my experiences.

So here it is. Film/Bike/City. A companion blog to Cook/Bike/Click. Ugh, it’s painfully adorable for us to have parallel summer blogs isn’t it?

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